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What is the cost of living in Florida vs New York?

First off, I want to say how much I LOVE New York. All of my family is from there, I went to graduate school there, it was my first move out of my parents’ house, my son was born there, and the food….oh don’t even get me started on the food – God do I miss it!!!


BUT….boy am I glad I moved to Florida! I still go and visit every year, and get my “fix” and then I go back to my little piece of heaven and wake up every day to sunshine and beautiful weather! I came here not knowing a soul, no job – nothing! I bought a house, then I sold a house and bought two condos, one of which I am renting out. I eventually got licensed in real estate and help people just like me, get primary homes, secondary homes, investment properties…so why move you ask?


Start with taxes: There is no Florida income tax. NY charges 25% of the federal tax. Sales taxes are roughly comparable, unless you live in NYC, where it is double. As for real estate taxes: Florida rates are measured in “mils”., whereas NY measures in “percent”.


Next up: housing: Dirt cheap in FL compared to NY. Get a 3BR 2BA house on a small lake for $300K, versus a a couple million in NY. OK, the lakefront costs a lot in NY because there aren’t so many. You can find houses for less than $30K in Florida. Try that in New York! Rents follow property values.


Food: Cheaper in Florida for nearly everything. Not quite as much variety, but close, and of course Florida has fresh citrus, seafood and vegetables nearly all year long.


Gas, Oil, Energy in general: About the same. But home heating is not much of a concern in Florida, and if you don’t mind it warm, Air Conditioning is optional. The net of it is that my energy bill is less than half what it was up North.

Clothing and other manufactured goods. Potentially cheaper in NY – especially NYC – because they are manufactured nearby, come in through the port of NYC, and/or there is so much competition. But the difference is about 10%, which is cut in half by the increased sales tax rate. And these days, everyone can buy off the internet and pay the same no matter where you live.


Entertainment: the cost of comparable things is about the same, but Florida has a lot more free stuff – beaches, parks, outdoor activities of all types Only DC beats Florida for free entertainment with all the parks and museums. Theater in NYC is head over heels better than what you get elsewhere, but Florida does not lack live theater. And Florida has the theme parks. Though hardly cheap, if you ARE a Florida resident, you can get much cheaper tickets. If ice skating or skiing are your preference, you’re pretty much out of luck in Florida – head for Dubai.


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