Buying & Selling June 23, 2022

What makes a safe neighborhood?

Most indicators of a safe neighborhood move beyond the residents, and can be attributed to the landscape and amenities of an area. Neighborhoods that have a large participation rate in community activities, neighborhoods where children play outside, and areas where tree-lined streets and a sense of belonging run rampant all can add to the safety of a neighborhood.


Additional elements include the neighborhood’s character and personality. The neighborhood should reflect the mentality of its residents. Crime watch events and other attributes that promote safety are all ways to help encourage safety. In safe neighborhoods, residents know each other, yards and gardens are well-kept and you can see a number of residents walking or children playing when driving or walking through the neighborhood. There will be plenty of lighting, and you will observe law enforcement from time to time.


Safe neighborhoods will also have a number of schools in the area that are performing at or above average. This means parents are well aware of their surroundings, and children travel together. There is also a huge turnout at any school sporting events and other community activities that help everyone in the neighborhood get to know each other.


Knowing the neighborhoods within the area that are not only family-friendly, but offer a safe and rewarding environment as a whole for the family is key. These neighborhoods make the difference.


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